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Service Overview

One of our representatives will be in contact once your inquiry has been received.

1. Please use the Inquiry Form to submit a request.

Apply to use this service using the “Protective Film Selection Trial Inquiries” form on the Inquiries page.
When doing so, please provide information on your product and selection conditions.

2. One of our representatives checks the contents of your inquiry.

Please wait a short while for one of our representatives to respond to your inquiry.

3. Please send a sample board to attach the protective film to.

Please send five to ten sample boards around 150 mm × 100 mm in size.

4. We will provide you with a report on the testing results and recommend the protective film best suited to your purposes.

Check our recommendations for the optimal film to use, and the sample boards with the actual protective film attached.
Any sample boards sent to us will be returned.

Details of Testing Measures

We select the protective film best suited to your needs based on our extensive experience in protective film applications. We confirm whether the film has good adhesion, and whether it can be peeled off cleanly and easily. We also perform accelerated testing to check the state of the film after extended use, and look for any abnormalities.


  • While we select the protective film best suited to your product, this recommendation is based on a simple testing process and does not guarantee performance.
    Please give proper consideration to the actual conditions in which the product is to be used prior to use.
  • The content and conditions of tests are determined by Sumiron based on the contents of your request. Please submit a separate inquiry if more detailed testing is required.
  • Reports on testing results may be delayed due to the condition of the testing equipment.
  • Although sample boards sent to us will be returned, they cannot be reused after testing.


Please feel free to inquire about our products and the contents of our services.

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