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Through its goods and business activities,
Sumiron will actively address and contribute to customers' and society's environmental conservation activities.

Basic Philosophy

As the conservation of the global environment is the most important task for mankind, we believe that our most important mission is to pass on the nature's beauty and resources to the next generation. We practice environmentally-friendly manufacturing in all our product and service business activities, and actively address environmental conservation issues.

Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing

  1. Product creation in which we aim to reduce the burden on the environment in product development.
  2. Product manufacturing in which we are aware of reducing the burden on the environment in manufacturing processes.

Basic Policies

We have established the policies below to resolve the environmental conservation issues based on the basic philosophy of environmentally-friendly manufacturing, and we are conducting suitable business activities with consideration of the environment to prevent environmental pollution. Also, to achieve these policies, as well as establishing concrete environmental purposes and goals, we carry out regular reviews and all employees individually will continue to improve and strive with a high awareness and sense of responsibility.

  1. Promote waste reduction, resource recycling, resource saving and energy saving.
  2. Fulfill our social responsibilities by observing environmental laws, regulations and agreements made with local residents.
  3. To reduce the environmental burden, work on continuous technological innovation and develop products with consideration for the environment.
  4. Raise awareness of environmental conservation among all employees, and promote active participation.
  5. Publicize our environmental policies within and outside the company.

September 1, 2007

Masashi Ito, Manufacturing Division GM
Sumiron Co., Ltd.


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