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We aim to contribute to customers' valueWe aim to contribute to customers' value creation so customers from around the worldcreation so customers from around the world will select Sumiron for our excellence.will select Sumiron for our excellence.

We at Sumiron have provided surface protection films aimed at metals, building materials, cars and electronics, based on the thin-film multilayer coating technology that we have developed since our founding.
In recent years, utilizing this core technology, we have focused our attention on developing products with a variety of additional functionality, not only surface protection films, and we are now providing products to customers in a wide range of fields.
In product development, we try to provide solutions that accurately respond to customer needs, focusing our attention on development of products original to our company based on new concepts. In this way, we continue to challenge in the global market, so customers from around the world select Sumiron for our excellence.

The environment enveloping our company is always changing. Therefore, I believe that we must grasp changes in the environment in advance, and act before the changes take place. I believe we should be aware of speed and power of execution without being afraid of changes, and I want to lead a company operation that anticipates one step ahead.

To realize our company's management philosophy of "unlimited dreams and the creation of happiness", we hope to have a corporate culture with good communications in which communication is smooth and we continue to grow while being considerate to each other, and all the employees lead by example and continue to take on challenges ceaselessly and also welcome those challenges.
Firstly, with the dream of newly establishing and investing in research facilities with a view to development of the next generation of technology, we will continue to grow going forward, and aim to be a company that develops the future.

April 1, 2018
Eiji Haruyama, CEO


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