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Protective film for optical sheets

This is a surface protection film for optical sheets used in FPD panels. With a rubber or acrylic adhesive and mainly a PP substrate, we provide from weak adhesion to strong adhesion, so a variety of surface conditions can be handled.

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EC Series
Protective film aimed at a variety of optical sheets.

Example product use: prism sheets, diffusion sheets, etc.

Cleaning Tape

A tape used to remove dust from printed circuit boards, and ink blotches and other foreign matter from screen printing plates. This tape is made up of a special acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that limits contamination of the adherend.

Eliminates bleeding on printing plates, and leaves a clear aperture

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Related Products

EC Series
A tape used to remove dust from printed circuit boards.

Usage example: PCB cleaning

RAT Series
A tape used to remove ink blotches and other foreign matter from screen printing plates. Also ideal for removing foreign matter on production lines.

Usage example: Cleaning screen printing plates, cleaning on electronic component production lines

Electronic Process Materials

Our lineup includes process tape for electronic components, and tape for a range of other electronics products and components.

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Related Products

E Series
A surface protection film that uses polyolefin film as the supporting medium. This film is ideally suited to preventing scratching when transporting and processing stainless steel, aluminum and other metal plates and a range of decorative laminated sheets.

Usage example: Mobile phones, printed circuit boards, etc.

TR Series
The TR Series is a temporary fixing tape used when cutting electronic components that use PET film as a supporting medium. The tape’s adhesive strength is lost when heated.

Usage example: Electronic components


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