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Unlimited Dreams and the Creation of Happiness

We at Sumiron aim to operate the company with "unlimited dreams and the creation of happiness". These dreams that we are aiming for are not simply the pursuit of economic abundance and happiness.
They are to pursue richness of the heart as humans such as a purpose in life and a purpose in working through being useful to and appreciated by people. I believe that our actions going forward with each of us continuing to be considerate and have high aspirations are important in carrying out business activities.
To that end, we will contribute to society by always improving our skills, developing products that delight customers, and continuing to pursue the grand dream ceaselessly, without limit and endlessly, and at the same time, by continuing to make great products and delivering them to customers.
To fulfill our management objectives, we will further develop Sumiron through our own efforts, and make it a company with which each employee can entrust his or her future with confidence. The management philosophy cultivated from experience built up since the founding of the company, is to realize the "unlimited dreams and the creation of happiness" and to demonstrate the correct way of thinking and acting to live a wonderful life. Here, I would like to introduce what we believe to be most important in order to realize unlimited dreams and happiness.

Unlimited Dreams and the Creation of Happiness

The key phrases in realizing this philosophy

Key Phrase 1Take up challenges positively
If we encounter difficulties or hit a wall, the tendency is to immediately think we cannot overcome them, but we cannot generate new ideas from that way of thinking. When we encounter difficulties or hit a wall at Sumiron, we do not think we cannot overcome them, instead we attempt to take on the challenge positively with a give-it-a-go attitude and figure out how to pull it off. To create better services and products, we are never satisfied with the current situation, but instead, we continue to approach our work with the attitude of testing our limits to discover new possibilities.
Key Phrase 2Think as a manager
Sumiron, which was initially started by 2 people, has now reached a scale where it has over 140 employees. As the organization grows, it becomes more difficult to see our own results, and there is a tendency for the individual's sense of danger to fade, but at Sumiron, we have introduced Amoeba Management so that individual employees think as a manger and act accordingly. In Amoeba Management, the company is divided into small units (amoebas), and the members belonging to the amoeba operate it independently. By creating organizations with few people, as well as making each individual's work and responsibility clear, it makes the results of the work easier to see. To set the work goals of each amoeba each month and achieve those goals, we aim to positively express our opinions and participate in management.


Key Technology

We develop products with a variety of functions by evaluating and analyzing the combination of base material and adhesive which are the material elements, carry out product design, and match the adhesives to the technology handling various surfaces.


Business Area

  • ・Functional Business
  • ・Product Processing Business
  • ・Life Care Business

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  • ・Surface Protection Tape
  • ・Functional Adhesive Tape
  • ・Coating, Laminating, Slitting and Other Processes
  • ・Carefort


  • ・Metals and Building Materials Industry
  • ・Electronics Industry
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